Poster "Mit der Bahn an die Sonne"

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Give your walls a makeover by decorating them with cult posters from the SBB Vintage Collection!

Since the mid-1920s, SBB has used advertising to win over the hearts and minds of domestic customers so they would choose rail for their travel and leisure plans. This poster is part of a series using the catchphrase “Take the train...”. To complement the SBB motto from 1958 “Take the train to the sun”, Leupin’s design fittingly featured a laughing sun wearing a conductor’s cap on a dark blue background.


  • Design: Herbert Leupin, 1958
  • Variants: "Mit der Bahn an die Sonne" (German)
    or "Au soleil par le raill" (French)
  • Image source: SBB Historic
  • Size: 50 x 70 cm (portait)
  • Print: Digital 4/0 scale
  • Quality: 150 g/m2, wood-free, FSC, Swiss Made
  • Finish: semi-matt finish
  • Packaging: rolled individually in a white poster tube (50cm, Ø 60mm)



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