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Everything you need for a great journey.


Practical products and services for travel: eSIMs, backpacks, water bottles, pocket knifes and travel insurance – we provide everything your heart desires for your travels.

Our current highlights.

  1. Brändi Dog XS
    Brändi Dog XS
    CHF 59.90
  2. Case for travel documents
    Case for travel documents
    CHF 28.90
  3. World Adapter PRO – World & USB
    World Adapter PRO – World & USB
    CHF 39.90
  4. Frist Aid Kit SBB
    Frist Aid Kit SBB
    CHF 24.90
  5. Cooling backpack
    Cooling backpack
    CHF 59.90
  6. eSIM Europe data plan
    eSIM Europe data plan
    Starting from CHF 6.00

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