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SBB Change – Home delivery

Order your foreign currency online and have it delivered straight to your front door.

Further information.

You can find all the currencies available here:

Continent Currency and Country ISO Unit Purchase Sale
ISO EUR Unit 1 Purchase 1.0524 Sale 1.1224
Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
ISO BAM Unit 100 Purchase 50.5462 Sale 62.7962
Bulgarian Lev
ISO BGN Unit 1 Purchase 0.5102 Sale 0.6052
Danish Krone
ISO DKK Unit 100 Purchase 13.6356 Sale 15.5356
English Pound Sterling
ISO GBP Unit 1 Purchase 1.1070 Sale 1.2670
Icelandic Króna
ISO ISK Unit 100 Purchase 0.6925 Sale 0.8825
Croatian Kuna
ISO HRK Unit 100 Purchase 13.4078 Sale 16.0078
Norwegian Krone
ISO NOK Unit 100 Purchase 10.0328 Sale 11.8828
Polish Zloty
ISO PLN Unit 100 Purchase 22.2688 Sale 27.7188
Romanian Leu
ISO RON Unit 100 Purchase 19.9872 Sale 26.0372
Russian Ruble
ISO RUB Unit 100 Purchase 1.0647 Sale 1.7647
Scottish Pound Sterling
ISO SCP Unit 1 Purchase 1.0370 Sale 1.2670
Swedish Krona
ISO SEK Unit 100 Purchase 9.1699 Sale 11.0689
Serbian dinar
ISO RSD Unit 100 Purchase 0.8221 Sale 1.0701
Czech Koruna
ISO CZK Unit 100 Purchase 3.9835 Sale 4.4825
Turkish Lira
ISO TRY Unit 100 Purchase 14.6101 Sale 20.6101
Hungarian Forint
ISO HUF Unit 100 Purchase 0.2945 Sale 0.3725
US Dollar
ISO USD Unit 1 Purchase 0.9359 Sale 1.0279
Brazilian Real
ISO BRL Unit 1 Purchase 0.1927 Sale 0.2887
Chilean Peso
ISO CLP Unit 100 Purchase 0.1135 Sale 0.1655
Costa Rican Colón
ISO CRC Unit 100 Purchase 0.1474 Sale 0.1994
Dominican Peso
ISO DOP Unit 1 Purchase 0.0157 Sale 0.0237
Canadian Dollar
ISO CAD Unit 1 Purchase 0.6918 Sale 0.7858
Mexican Peso
ISO MXN Unit 100 Purchase 3.9416 Sale 5.9416
East Caribbean dollar
ISO XCD Unit 1 Purchase 0.3158 Sale 0.4157
Peruvian Nuevo Sol
ISO PEN Unit 100 Purchase 25.2891 Sale 33.4891
Kenyan Shilling
ISO KES Unit 100 Purchase 0.8095 Sale 1.1495
Moroccan Dirham
ISO MAD Unit 100 Purchase 8.5144 Sale 13.0144
Mauritian rupee
ISO MUR Unit 1 Purchase 0.0240 Sale 0.0317
Seychellois rupee
ISO SCR Unit 1 Purchase 0.0521 Sale 0.0921
South African Rand
ISO ZAR Unit 1 Purchase 0.0496 Sale 0.0746
Tanzanian shilling
ISO TZS Unit 100 Purchase 0.0326 Sale 0.0526
Australian Dollar
ISO AUD Unit 1 Purchase 0.6208 Sale 0.7158
Chinese Renminbi / Yuan
ISO CNY Unit 1 Purchase 0.1191 Sale 0.1601
Fijian dollar
ISO FJD Unit 1 Purchase 0.3830 Sale 0.5317
Hong Kong Dollar
ISO HKD Unit 100 Purchase 11.5040 Sale 13.9540
Indian Rupee
ISO INR Unit 100 Purchase 1.0997 Sale 1.6697
Indonesian Rupiah
ISO IDR Unit 100 Purchase 0.0056 Sale 0.0080
Israeli New Shekel
ISO ILS Unit 1 Purchase 0.2584 Sale 0.3104
Japanese Yen
ISO JPY Unit 100 Purchase 0.8660 Sale 0.9700
Jordanian dinar
ISO JOD Unit 1 Purchase 1.2336 Sale 1.5336
Qatari riyal
ISO QAR Unit 1 Purchase 0.2370 Sale 0.3017
Malaysian Ringgit
ISO MYR Unit 1 Purchase 0.2046 Sale 0.2681
New Zealand Dollar
ISO NZD Unit 1 Purchase 0.5903 Sale 0.6703
Omani rial
ISO OMR Unit 1 Purchase 2.3481 Sale 2.7481
Philippine Peso
ISO PHP Unit 100 Purchase 1.6224 Sale 2.2624
Saudi Riyal
ISO SAR Unit 1 Purchase 0.2241 Sale 0.2841
Singapore Dollar
ISO SGD Unit 1 Purchase 0.6641 Sale 0.7481
Sri Lankan Rupee
ISO LKR Unit 100 Purchase 0.4017 Sale 0.7267
South Korean Won
ISO KRW Unit 100 Purchase 0.0692 Sale 0.0947
New Taiwan dollar
ISO TWD Unit 100 Purchase 2.8358 Sale 3.6358
Thai Baht
ISO THB Unit 100 Purchase 2.9971 Sale 3.4971
UAE Dirham
ISO AED Unit 1 Purchase 0.2383 Sale 0.2981
Vietnamese Dong
ISO VND Unit 100 Purchase 0.0033 Sale 0.0052

Data status: 20.08.2019 07:50, Exchange rates subject to change

Can’t find the currency you want? An even bigger range of currencies is available immediately at larger train stations.

You can find your local station’s SBB Change opening hours here.

Home delivery (CH/ FL).

We will happily send the foreign money you have ordered straight to your home for just CHF 5 (including delivery).

Collection from an SBB point of sale.

Would you prefer to collect your foreign currency from an SBB point of sale? No problem, as a GA travelcard holder you can even use this service for free (without a GA travelcard, the exchange fee is CHF 4).

→ Collection from an SBB point of sale

Or simply turn up at one of around 150 SBB salespoints and get your foreign currency for over 100 different countries there and then. A wide selection of currencies is available to take away.

  • For the best start to your journey, buy local currency from SBB Change online before you set off. Bureau de change desks at foreign airports often charge high exchange fees and have poor exchange rates and long queues.
  • In terms of cash, the basic advice is that, for security reasons, you should only change as much as you actually need in advance.
  • In addition to cash, you can buy a Travel Cash Card at an SBB point of sale and load money onto it. The ideal combination of cash and money on a Travel Cash Card depends on your destination and travel requirements.

Dispatch and delivery.

Home delivery all over Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Your order will be processed immediately after receipt of payment and sent as A Mail Plus. Your order should be with you within two to three working days.

Payment methods.

PostFinance Card.
Orders which have been paid for by PostFinance Card can be processed immediately. The withdrawal limits imposed by the card issuer PostFinance AG apply.

Advance payment.
If you would like to pay by advance payment, you will receive the payment information by e-mail. You can then make the payment by bank or postal transfer. It’s quickest with e-banking.

General terms and conditions.

General terms and conditions.