SWIZA "Ceneri 2020" pocket knife

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The modern, authentic SWIZA Swiss army knife in the exclusive "Ceneri 2020" edition.

The SWIZA D04 pocket knife with revolutionary 360° design and robust non-slip surface fits perfectly in the hand. Due to the slightly curved shape of the knife, the tools are easily accessible, and thanks to the full-length cut-outs for right- and left-handed users, it is easy to open: 75mm blade with safety lock. The blade lock can be opened particularly easily by pressing the Swiss cross. Dishwasher safe (up to 80°C/176°F).

Tools: knife, piercing and drilling needle with eye of needle, bottle opener with screwdriver no. 3 and wire bender, can opener with screwdriver no. 1, cross-head screwdriver no. 1 and tweezers

Branding: Ceneri 2020 + claim "BRINGING EUROPE TOGETHER“

  • Length ( shell ): 95 mm
  • Colour: grey (Ceneri stone look)
  • Packaging: brown eco-cardboard


With the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA), Switzerland is providing a modern, efficient railway infrastructure on the European north-south corridor through the Alps - as an environmentally friendly alternative to road transport for freight and passengers. CENERI 2020 - a quantum leap in European mobility.

Further information is available at: https://ceneri2020.sbb.ch/

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