Héritage CFF N°1 clock

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A piece of Swiss railway history for your home.

Product description

For decades, station split-flap displays followed the rhythm of thousands of trains and provided information for millions of passengers. They are therefore an important witness to the history of public transport in Switzerland. The split-flat displays are removed, dismantled and transformed into these unique clocks by employees of SBB Anyway. These unique items are ready for a second life in your home. Limited number of items available (400).

  • Case: Solid oak (Switzerland, FSC)
  • Power supply (mains adapter): Mean Well GS25A Serie
  • Power consumption: 28V – 300mA – 25W
  • Case dimensions (W x H x D): 345mm x 245mm x 165mm
  • Space required for split-flap operation: 5 cm
  • Weight (case without power supply): 4.1 kg

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