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Flower Marbles

Currently not available

Flower marbles for a colourful environment!

Product description

Attention flower children, it’s about to get colourful! The new seed bombs are no longer just brown – now they come in bright colours too. From the very first second, they are there to make the world around you that bit more colourful. Just throw it on the ground, wait (until it next rains) and enjoy! In just a short time, colourful marbles grow into flowers of all colours.

About the manufacturer

The founders of City Gardener, Derk, Torge and Jan, grew up in the countryside in Germany and were able to discover and experience nature as children. They moved to big cities to study, which they liked, but they found one thing strange: abandoned areas in the city didn’t turn green, then multi-coloured, then brown and then grey again over the course of the year. They just always remained grey and drab. The three of them had to change that! It all started with the seed bombs that Derek made at home and gave to his friends and acquaintances. The ever-increasing demand was the impetus behind the founders creating City Gardener.

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