Digital Detox

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Take some time out from the everyday stress of the digital world!

Product description

Treat yourself to a digital detox again and again for a whole year with these 52 cards. Whether it’s through conscious activity, tackling a challenge, a dose of mindfulness or simply a mantra of the week. At the beginning of each week, simply choose a card, set it up in the card holder (included) and look forward to those moments without messages, push notifications or news alerts.

About the manufacturer

Since 2008, Fidea Design has been a symbol of funny, clever and high-quality gifts and home accessories. Founded by Franziska Bründler as a student, Fidea Design has developed into a platform for a variety of young Swiss designers. Since 2015, the team around Franziska Bründler also employs its own designers and has been designing more and more of its products in-house.

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