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Bamboo neutral plasters

Immediately available

The neutral plasters are made from 100% organic bamboo fibres and are chemical-free, and therefore provide suitable protection for sensitive skin types.
Material: Made from a soft organic bamboo material and gauze with hypoallergenic self-adhesive (PSA) to prevent skin reactions.

About the manufacturer
PATCH was born when James Dutton, the founder of Nutricare, Australia, noticed that when he tried to treat his son’s wounds, his skin reacted badly to conventional plasters. When he discovered that it was not just his son Charly who had this problem but that a high percentage of the global population cannot wear normal dressings, he began to do some research. James’ motivation to find a solution that was better tolerated was his son Xavier, who didn’t like it when his wounds were treated with creams. Ultimately, it was the desire for a plaster that doesn’t cause any negative skin reactions and at the same time helps with the healing process of wounds that was the real reason for the discovery of PATCH.

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